About Us


Breads by Judy was started over 40 years ago when the founder, Judy Klein, began a home-made bread business when she was in middle school, selling challahs and other breads to her local community.

When Judy graduated Northeastern, she went into nursing, and continues to work as a nurse today.  During this time, Judy made Challahs and other breads for her family and friends.  She also made Ceremonial Challahs for friends Bar/Bat Mizvahs and Weddings.  Each time she made one, guests would approach asking her if they could buy Challahs from her.

At long last, Judy and her family (husband Geoffrey, and sons Joshua and Daniel) decided that it was time to make available to the public what they had been enjoying themselves for the past 20 years:  Challahs, Bubkas, and scones.

We hope that you enjoy our breads and appreciate your feedback!