The Large Challah will serve your family and Shabbat company.  Makes wonderful toast or "overnight" french toast for Sunday breakfast.  (Approximately 2 pounds.) Price $10.00.  (Add $1 for raisins)

Apple Stuffed Challah, with Cinnamon--large round Challah, stuffed with 2 whole apples coated in Cinnamon Sugar.  Price $15

Honey Whole Wheat Bread---$8

Scones are available in chocolate chip...cinnamon chip...lemon/cranberry/ apple---lemon blueberry, and oatmeal-maple pecan.  Can be ordered "frozen" so that you can have them fresh from the oven whenever you want.  Package of 6 of same flavor $12.   

Just when you thought you tasted the best Chocolate Torte, along comes BreadsByJudy's Decadent flour-less chocolate torte. GLUTEN-FREE.  $35

Honey Apple Cake--Made with the extra special Apples - crisp and  flavorful, this bundt cake is richly flavored with cinnamon, walnut bits and fresh apple chunks baked right in.  Coated with Honey Glaze.  Nice texture, aroma and refreshing tasting.  Delicious any time of day.  (will also make without nuts.).  Price $25.00.

Bubka's made just like your grandmother used to make.  Available in Cinnamon ($10) and Chocolate ($12)

Cheesecake (vanilla bean, white chocolate & raspberry, caramel apple, Pumpkin, Lemon, or to order)----$55

Homemade Rugelach made as you remember your grandmother making...$15/pound

Assorted Cookie Platter, including Mundel, Espresso Chip Shortbread, Austrian Raspberry Shortbread, Molasses, English Toffee, and others---$15/pound

Apple Cider Caramels---8 ounces @ $10