Testimonials (updated July 5, 2013):


Judy has been baking Challahs for friends and her family for years, and has been honored to have been asked by countless friends to provide her famous Challahs for Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, Break Fasts, and other special occasions.  She has constantly received rave reviews, such as the following:


The Bubkas were enjoyed by all...the filings were delicious as they "swirled through" the loaves, and yet the cake was "just right" and not to sweet.  How wonderful that you have chosen an avocation for yourself that is tasteful, that brings pleasure to other, and that is an "art".  (CM)

Thank you so much for the over the top Challah last night! The only problem was that we should have ordered 2 or 3 – not a delicious crumb left to bring home.  (Round Apple Challah made for 90th birthday celebration) (EK)

Many thanks for the delicious scones.  They were wonderful!  We did not even unwrap the cake I purchased for my guests but instead, devoured your treats...All the best to you for your continued success!

The Decadent Flour less Chocolate Cake was the best chocolate cake that I ever had.  (M.B.)

They love them (Bubkas, Scones, Challahs, Decandent Flour less Chocolate Cake)...when I come home at the end of July, the order will be doubled...my dad says it tastes like from a bakery in New York...the ultimate compliment to BreadsByJudy.  (M.P.)

The scones were outstanding served them at our advisory board meeting this morning every one loved them.   I have eaten most of the bread (covered each slice with butter) it was so good. (K.W)

Recent conversation:  "Here Dave have some challah, just have a piece, it's really good."......"No Mag,  I don't like Challah very much."...."Just try a little piece it's really good. My friend Judy made it."...."OK, just a little taste."....pause while he eats..."This is outstanding! This is really good! And she makes bubka too? I love cinnamon bubka. Can she deliver to Florida? My mom and sister would love this!"...M.A (and D.H.)
Judy...I've enjoyed your Challahs year after year at Break the Fast...and am so glad that I no longer have to wait to Break Fast to enjoy the Challahs more frequently...please count us as a regular customer....S.C

I really wished I lived closer...my mouth is watering...I remember the wonderful bread you made in San Diego...N.S.

Had Judy's DELICIOUS Orange Scones (one with cranberries, one just plain orange) today.  Fresh orange flavor, tender scone, light glaze.  SIMPLY FABULOUS!...J.M.

We have been enjoying Judy's challahs at our yearly holiday celebrations including a ceremonial challis for our daughter's Bat Mitzvah.  The challah is always a highlight of the meal!...A.F.

(the scones) are so much better than AuBonPain...E.W.

I usually don't even like scones because they are too dry but yours were NOT....D.M.

I LOVE that bread...best of luck...K.B.

I have ALWAYS loved your challah...N.M.

You know how good her Challah is but her scones are amazing. I probably could eat a dozen on my own...K.B.

We've been told that it's better than "you know who"...CLICK HERE and  you to be the judge!

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